New Nike Mercurial: The streetstyle directorial debut from Glassworks

Glassworks Barcelona has teamed up with Nike and MOX to create a bold global campaign for the iconic Nike Mercurial football boots on their 25th anniversary. The campaign, featuring Kylian Mbappé and directed by Glassworks Director Albert Sala, marks a significant milestone for the VFX company, reaffirming its position as an innovative creative studio with a distinctive production style.

Preceded by a teaser in which Mbappé releases a flock of football boots into the bustling city, the documentary-style campaign includes a main 30-second film that follows the flock as it soars through the sky, mimicking the whirling,ever-changing patterns of bird murmurations. This breathtaking CGI spectacle is the centrepiece of the film. As the soundscape blends hectic city noise,fluttering flying shoes and football sounds, the film gains the punch and immediacy of a documentary. Shot almost entirely on a domestic MiniDV except for the fully rendered CGI shots, the film's urban filming style captures the essence of the campaign; taking the slogan 'Fast in the Air' to the next level.

Albert Sala,Director at Glassworks: "Working hand-in-hand with the creative directors from Nike and MOX was a fantastic experience. Their trust and creative freedom allowed us to achieve an inspiring collaboration and above all, we really enjoyed the process.”

The campaign marks a pivotal moment for Glassworks Barcelona, not only showcasing their trademark VFX, but also expanding their creative ambitions to include directing and producing exceptional and unconventional live-action projects. Olaia Casal,Glassworks' Head of Production in Barcelona, concludes: "There was an uncommonly fluid choreography between Nike, MOX and Glassworks. All teams joined forces in the kitchen, mixing spices and flavours to give that little extra something to this wild, streetstyle campaign. The bar´s set high as we hit the next adventure!”

Watch the film.